Behind the Myth

The island of Serifos, "the iron island" as called, according to mythology, inhabited by gigantokormous powerful and Cyclops. The terrible Cyclops lived in the cave beneath the Psaropyrgo, but as a task assigned to construct great wall around the island where the remains said to be the walls of Liomantra and White Tower.


The Cyclops, So the children of Poseidon, were the first to exploit the mineral wealth the island and created an early civilization later bequeathed to the people.

Serifos was known to the mythical times and one more reason. The Acrisius, king of Argos, learning from an oracle that his grandson would deprive life, he locked his daughter Danae in the palace, to not have a child. Zeus, however, fell in love with Danae and transformed into golden rain managed to unite with her and to fertilize. When Acrisius felt the fate threatens him, he closed his daughter and newborn son in a box and threw them into Sea. The box was grounded in Serifos, the palace the Dikti, brother of the tyrant Polydektis that willing to host them. The Polydectes fell in love with Danae and wanted to get rid of the son of Perseus, standing obstacle to plans to seduce her; sent him to kill the horrible Medusa, the mortal sister of the immortal mermaid, who with her eyes petrified anyone who sees.

Perseus killed the monster using the gifts weapons for the gods, especially the shield that gave the Athena. The shield reflected the image of Medusa and thus could not see it danger of becoming stone. Perseus returned to the island showing where the head of the Medusa petrified Polydektis and several of his followers. According to legend this fact explains the form of the rocky island. The fact that first kings of the island is considered Dikti and Polydectes, his sons and grandsons of Magnes Aeolus implies that the first inhabitants were wind origin.